GapGrid Is Fixing This

Digital Supply Chain

Change Management Alerts

GapGrid ingests all change management incident alerts from your vendors, suppliers, customers, and internal teams, regardless of origin or format.

Industry Standard

Normalized Data

All those disparate notifications are normalized into a standard format for cognitive analysis of both singular risk, and the potential for service interruptions.

Stop Human Error

Avoid Change Collisions

All stakeholders and decision makers access an intuitive web app with risk visualizations and alerts across all teams, vendors, customers, and suppliers.

4,719 "something" as a service providers.

Who knew that one day we'd be talking about the "digital supply chain?"

According to Luma Partners, there's an average of seven new microservices or "something" as a service endpoints being created every day from nearly 5,000 global providers. Each with their own SLA and unique email format for notifying customers of planned events that may impact services.

By now we've all experienced downtime from unexpected collisions of planned change events between our internal teams or customers, and our external vendors and service providers. GapGrid is creating the first automated solution to ingest all your service alerts, from all sources, and normalize them into a standard format for analysis of potentially fatal collisions that could impact your productivity and business.


Finally, Automation For Digital Services Planning

Finally, all the risk of disruption from any of the participants in your digital supply chain in one intuitive UI. Quickly see how many internal and external change events have been scheduled, the number of collisions, and most important, an assessment of the potential for service disruptions.

Below that is a calendar view of all the events in the coming weeks and months, with clear daily color-coded risk assessments. Just click on a day to see an event timeline, add a new event, see event details, push out manual alerts, and reschedule internal events.


Frictionless Setup

Getting started is easier than creating a new email account.

We give you an email address to include in your distribution list, or provide to your service providers. Additionally, we can connect to an API endpoint, ingest a JSON feed, or plug into your existing ERP or CMS systems for internal change events.

Create Structured Data

All your planned event alerts are automatically ingested.

All the unstructured text data in all those emails is normalized and structured, using humans so that we learn how to do it, before we teach the machines. The final data structure is compatible with the newly released industry standard Change Management OpenAPI.

Collision Analysis

Identifying and scoring the risk for each event.

Using the structured data discovered with the natural language classifier, the proprietary GapGrid system scores the severity and risk of each change event. Then it compares the score to that of any overlapping events to create an accurate risk assessment.

Risk Alerts

When there's risk, your teams need to know about it.

When GapGrid identifies risk of a service disruption, it sends out push-alerts to your cell phone, SMS messages, email, and any endpoint you have established for receiving urgent notices. Alerts are continuously sent to the stakeholder(s) until they respond.

Sign Up For The Pilot Program

We're accepting applications from a variety of companies with many different sizes of enterprises. This program provides you with the opportunity to help shape some of the core features and test a new service that's ready to give enterprises the tools to prevent millions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity. In the pilot program, you get:

Free Customization

We'll work with you to develop any necessary custom hooks, API's, or plugins required to ingest change events your teams create internally

Up to 25 Free Seats

You'll be able to assign up to 25 users from any variety of teams throughout your business and enterprise through the admin account.

Up to 25 Change Agents

A change agent is created for of your service providers, vendors, customers, and internal teams. All normalized events are assigned to the agent.

Reduced Long Term Prices

As our thank you for being in the pilot program, you receive a lifetime 50% discount on all GapGrid products and services, including any future customization needs.

First In Line

GapGrid's future includes machine learning and predictive modeling, forecasting and service & performance monitoring. As a pilot program partner, you get first look at new features.

First to Save Time & Money

We've experienced the productivity drain and revenue/recovery costs of this increasingly complex problem. You'll be among the first to have a true solution.

Yes! Please Include Us In Your Pilot Program

I and/or my company want to be part of the GapGrid Pilot Program, and participate with all the features listed above. In doing so, I realize that the product is currently in a prototype state, and not yet ready for testing in my environment until summer of 2017. Additionally, I agree that by completing the form at right (or below, for mobile users), that I have no obligations to GapGrid, Inc. beyond reviewing the product during the pilot program period.

More questions? We like questions. Contact any of the following:
Bill Irvine, CEO: or 917.242.0288
Garret Hodgson, CTO: email or 716.860.0498
Robert Maefs, Co-Inventor: email or 716.228.1381

We at GapGrid, Inc. thank you for your interest in our product, which is indeed our passion. You see, each of us has experienced this problem, and the costly process of recovering, which sometimes included the loss of significant business. We're committed to creating a solution that doesn't "just work," but is a valuable resource that saves you time and money.